Claire & Luke serve at the Youth With a Mission (YWAM) base in Perth, Australia, where they train students from around the world at YWAM's Discipleship Training School.  They equip and lead students on international mission trips, demonstrating the love and power of the gospel wherever they go. Follow their adventures on missionaryclaire.blogspot.com.

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Pastor Vera E. Speed is a longtime minister in the Bay Area.  She is the co-founder and spiritual mother of the Ark.  She has been deeply involved with the intercessory and strategic prayer movement throughout California and has been sent on prayer missions throughout the state, breaking strongholds and paving the way for revival. Currently, she travels throughout the nation conducting apostolic training schools, equipping the church from state to state. Pastor Vera is an itinerant full time speaker and teacher of the Gospel.  

Make checks out to "City Reachers International Ministries"
Then mail it to:
2842 Ashby Ave 
Berkeley, CA 94705



M & B are teaching in China where they are able to connect and minister to Chinese students. Following their heart to "just go," they left America after one year of being married to experience and see God's heart come alive in China. 

Contact admin@arkministries.org for ways to support them.

Pictures and full names not posted to protect our missionaries.