SUNDAYS May 5 - 19 & June 2, 1:00 - 2:30pm
at Conference Room, 2616 Dwight Way
Apply by April 21

We believe that faithful stewardship of our finances aligns with our vision of sustained revival as it empowers us to bless our communities with what we've been given. Ark members from any background and life stage are invited to this comprehensive 4-week investing class to establish a Christian foundation for financial stewardship, learn the principles of investing, and start growing the wealth that God has in store for you. 

Testimony from the last class: 

  • "This class honestly could mean the difference between me being able to stay and build a future in the Bay Area vs. throwing in the towel and moving to somewhere less expensive. The tools, strategies, and relational wisdom available through the instructors truly give me hope that I can leverage credible financial acumen to pay off student debts, invest well, and eventually buy housing despite the exorbitant market. And that's good news because I feel God has planted me here to seek revival for the whole Bay Area!"

View the syllabus and apply by April 21. Email Kevin Chen at for more information.