Ryan and Suky Longfield

Senior Pastors

After graduating from Cal in 2002, Ryan returned to the campus as a full-time minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for 4 years. Since then, Ryan has been a full-time missionary in the marketplace working for companies like Google, Sony and now LinkedIn. He has a desire to see people live with purpose, passion and joy in their work-life, and to see corporate culture transformed to reflect the wonderful heart of God. Ryan and his wife Suky have been happily married since 2005.

Suky is originally from San Jose and came to Cal in 1997 for her undergraduate education. After her time at Cal, she obtained a secondary-school teaching credential with every intention of teaching high school students, but God interrupted her plans and called her into ministry within the Church instead. Suky ministers primarily through counseling, teaching, and discipleship. She has a heart for the people of God to function in emotional wholeness, healthy relationships, and genuine intimacy with the Lord, and for them to stand solid in Christian character as evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5).

Executive Team, Ministry Leads & Staff

Christina Boiles

Executive Director

Since she was 18, Christina Boiles has been radically pursued by a love-crazy Jesus. After meditating with Buddhists, giving offerings with Hindus, reading Oprah-featured self-help books, and trying out numerology, she surrendered to Jesus as the only Savior who could offer true heart transformation and a living relationship of unconditional love with a friend and Father. With nine years of management experience in both tech and nonprofit sectors, Christina is now using her strategic leadership to help the Ark establish its programs and ministries. When she is not ministering, Christina enjoys traveling with her husband and two young children.


Lauren Cabrera

College Ministry

Lauren is convinced to her core that God is good and that He is the treasure of the universe. Her heart burns to see the nations worship Jesus. She loves UC Berkeley deeply and believes that Lord will use Cal to change the word. Lauren leads her students by example, teaching them to love the Word, to cultivate their histories with the Lord in the secret place, and to run to Jesus in every circumstance and to love Him with all that they have.


David Chiu

Community Formation

After joining a church community towards the end of high school, David discovered a tangible, active God who knew him, spoke to him, and provided for him in supernatural ways. His experience has shown him that there is room in God's house for everyone, and whether we know it or not, we are all, like puzzle pieces, critical to forming His family. As the Ark's Community Formation Leader, David's vision is for every newcomer to find a home in the church. As a former K-8 principal, youth ministry leader, and a student with YWAM and IRIS ministries, David finds his greatest joy in supporting people as they find their place in community and grow in their callings. In his spare time, when he's not hanging out with his wife and daughter, David likes to dabble in his rotating list of interests, which include painting, music production, and edible gardening.


Jacqueline Chan


Jacqueline is a Hong Kong native whose love for excellence was radically redeemed by God from a snare that once brought her torment to a gift surrendered to God’s grace. Once haunted by debilitating anxiety, God’s kindness freed her from the self-judgment that once promised false security and taught her to receive His comfort in trust and humility. At the Ark, Jacqueline enjoys creating beautiful designs and efficient structures that carry the work of God and of His people. In her free time, you will often find her snuggled up at home, playing crossword puzzles, tending to her pet betta fish, or practicing violin.


Emily Fu


Emily dreams of a global homecoming: lost children finding their Father, strangers meeting and falling in love with Jesus, people from all cultures gathering in Heaven forever. Though she served Jesus from a young age, it was at the Ark that Emily was transformed by new levels of His miraculous power & love. Now her desire is that the Church would work together to transform the world with the fire of the Holy Spirit and a deep sense of everyday purpose. As our leader in local & international missions, Emily is equipping us to make Jesus known through prayer, evangelism, and acts of service & kindness that communicate God's character. She also works at a local shelter, and spends her free time with beloved family & friends -- often in cozy homes, or outdoor adventures!


Robert Huizar


Robert is a Los Angeles, CA native with strong family roots back home where he grew up in a Mexican Catholic household. He met the Holy Spirit in a powerful way after joining his Calvary school's youth group in 6th grade. After college he moved to the Bay to teach 4th grade math and visited the Ark for the first time in 2013 and became a member in 2014. He and his wife Bailey live in San Francisco where they lead the SF/Peninsula home group. Robert also leads the Men's ministry at the Ark and has a passion to see men to freely and powerfully serve the Lord. He loves fishing and kayaking, and anything water related!


Nancy Liaw


Nancy Liaw was once a self-proclaimed “femi-Nazi.” Fueled by an anger that "protected" her from fear and self-hatred, Nancy eventually attended Cornell University, where she was confronted with a painful revelation of her own shortcomings. One desperate night, Nancy surrendered her pride and asked God to show up -- and experienced his overwhelming peace for the first time. Later, a miracle and a good friend brought her to The Call, Washington DC, and the rest is history. In addition to a successful career as a businesswoman in the tech industry, Nancy’s desire is for Ark young adults to be mature lovers and friends of Jesus -- to exude life from their innermost being, to be salt and light in the world, and to live life "from glory to glory."


Stephen & Joy Yang


Stephen Yang is a self-proclaimed nerd -- of the lifelong a capella and comic-book variety. Fortunately for the Ark, he also possesses a lifelong heart for worship. Introduced to worship music by a friend as he was first learning the guitar, the Lord used musical expression to spark a real relationship with Stephen, creating a foundation that has continued to serve a bedrock for his faith. Stephen’s desire is for corporate worship at the Ark to reflect worship in heaven, where the praises of the assembly are completely focused on who God is, what he has done, and what he will do. Like his wife Joy, Stephen hopes that worship at the Ark will move others into a lifestyle of adoration and surrender that transcends both music and service.

Like Stephen, Joy Yang had musical worship written into her spiritual DNA from the beginning -- she first encountered the Lord in her bedroom while listening to Switchfoot. From then on, Joy has remained convinced of the powerful ways God speaks through song. Joy’s heart for worship ministry developed while directing a Christian a cappella group in college, where songs were their primary expression of evangelism (this is also how she met Steve). As co-worship leader with her husband Stephen, Joy’s heart is for every believer at the Ark to walk in a lifestyle of ceaseless worship.